More Lolla Aftershows; Prysm Chicago announces hip hop artist Billboard top 100 sensation Migos coming to Chicago!

Staying on pace with the competition, Chicago’s newest nightclub announces Migos will hit the stage Thursday, August 3rd! With Migos coming to Chicago, it makes us think who else may be in attendance that night? If you recall, it was at this nightclub that Drake & Kanye decided to party together. All after Drizzy’s performance at the United Center. Remember, Lollapalooza brings so many celebrities in town. The potential for A list celebs to pop up at after parties across the city is very real. Especially, at this late night Migos Chicago performance. Need help getting in? Obviously, we have the plug.

Forming in 2009, Migos is on the newer side of hip hop. From the new generation, they benefit from a hip hop internet sub-culture that has spawned artists like Double XXL’s infamous 2016 Freshaman class. Everything they do is on camera and filmed. Because of this, there is a lot of quality footage out there & some funny Migos moments. Know what we are talking about? Did you catch their interview on Everyday Struggle with Joe Budden? You can't make that up. How about when they rap Llama Llama Red Pajama over Bad and Boujee on Power 106? We couldn't believe it. Either way you look at it, this group has personality, energy, and charisma and we can not wait to see them in such an intimate setting.

Besides bringing Migos to Chicago, Prysm Chicago has more:

Also that week, Prysm Nightclub has 3Lau on Friday, Kaskade on Saturday, and DVBBS on Sunday. Simply put, a major shout out needs to go to the leaders at React Presents. Kudos to them. They consistently take risks with music and have come back even stronger since overcoming a shady mother company going under. It takes serious character & a strong team to not sink with the ship. Way to be role models to us all & show the rest of the industry how to do it! We hope to one day be as strong a brand as you guys.

On that note, got any favorite Migos moments? Need help getting in to this Migos Chicago performance? Let us know in the comments!