Fear of God Chicago set to drop 5th collection! 

Jerry Lorenzo: Fashion designer, creative artist, American Dreamer. Perhaps, you know Jerry from his many Chicago connections. Maybe you’re a fan of his brands. Maybe you only know him as the guy always in the background of Instagram pictures posted by music industry celebs. Point is: If you’re a new age scene-ster, chances are you know Jerry Lorenzo or one of his budding brands. In 4 short years, Jerry has gone from selling ironed on vintage rock tees in local retail shops, to making the ever-prominent brand Fear of God & its lower price option spin-off FOG, to being the sole designer and producer of all of Justin Bieber’s international Purpose concert tour merchandise. Jerry Lorenzo and his brands are literally seen everywhere.

In 2014, when asked by HypeBeast Reporter L. Rauno what Fear of God was, Jerry was quoted as saying “[Fear of God] caters to the kid settling for a hoodie that doesn’t really fit the way he wants it to fit.” Today? The brand is so much more. From shoes to bombers to distressed denim, Fear of God is a whole new animal. Unfortunately, for those of us who fell in love with the brand for the unique fit of the clothing, it’s tough to say the brand still fills this void.

Much of what made the Fear of God Chicago functional and athleisure in design has completely changed over time.

I fell in love with the brand when the second collection dropped. While I prefer John Elliott hoodies, there was nothing like Fear of God’s essential tanks and long sleeved shirts. Tanks were loose fitting where you needed it and slim fit where you didn’t. They, as well as all the under shirts, have extended tails. This allows you to show a little pattern under your hoody/top. Add a little contrast between your top and bottom ensemble.

Since then, most of those pieces are gone or have taken on new life. Fear of God Chicago has changed...

Honestly, it seems Jerry has become more focused on creativity and brand identity creation than functionality. For example, the essential collection is no longer a stand-alone offering. With a 96 photo look book and a 5 minute 30 second brand video, Jerry’s new 5th Collection really gives you that impression. The line is more about feels, vibes, and look than anything else. Outside of the usual 90s aesthetic of the Fear of God brand, the new 5th Collection draws inspiration from Jerry’s life long passion for baseball and his love for the film Boys in the Hood which is shown in his location choices, prop usage, and even model choices.

In fashion, this change in a brand’s objectives is quite normal. Designers start simple. People buy in and become fans. The brand grows and the designer becomes experimental. That is the fashion business. One cannot blame Jerry for not wanting his brand to simply be defined by tanks and hoodies. Without his aggressive design choices these past few years, where would he be? His brand is on the edge of this forward thinking industry because of those decisions…

While I know this 5th Collection will fly off the shelves and despite my love for Jerry, I will not be picking up any fashion pieces.

This time around the tanks are mesh-based, his shirts are heavily branded, and the shoes look like either Rick Owens or Reebok BB-5000 remakes. There are a few bombers, baseball jerseys, and shirts I may dabble with, but I'll pass on the corduroy for now.

Phase 1 Pre-orders for Fear of God Chicago 5th Collection go live tonight at 5PM Pacific (7PM Central time). For more info on release dates, all Fear of God announcements happen via Jerry’s Instagram, so stay tuned. To check out this new collection’s brand video, click here.

For those of you looking for the old Jerry, his other brand FOG, which was created to help fans who couldn’t afford Fear of God’s high price points (kudos to Jerry for that one), still offers the aforementioned looks and styles. Unfortunately, the quality of FOG is lacking and it’s only sold at Pac-Sun as mentioned.

What do you think of this new collection? Cop or drop? Need help finding local boutiques that sell Fear of God? 

Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Bread N Butter Presents latest fashion release for Fear of God

Bread N Butter Presents latest fashion release for Fear of God Bread N Butter Presents latest fashion release for Fear of God Bread N Butter Presents latest fashion release for Fear of God Bread N Butter Presents latest fashion release for Fear of God