This month in Chicago nightlife, the best nightclubs in Chicago are boasting some serious fire power to start SummertimeChi and we've  added some fuel with a last minute booking: Join us this Saturday May 6th at Shay Chicago for a special guest appearance by Wacka Flocka Flame!

For those of you needing a refresher, Waka made his solo mixtape debut in 2009 and boy he does not disappoint when it comes to live music performances. Commercial hits like "O Let's Do It" and "Round of Applause" sound great in your headphones, but the experience doesn't compare to seeing him yell "Sqwuaa" 5 feet away.

...That being said, quite frankly, between all of our nightclub bottle service partners; we aren't exactly sure how we are going to survive the summer. Outside of Shay Chicago, elsewhere this month in Chicago nightlife, there's some great events happening in town at Studio Paris Chicago, The Underground Chicago, and Prysm Nightclub.

Studio Paris is taking the celebrity DJ approach this May and we would be lying if we said we weren't intrigued. The first DJ to grab our attention is Chris Masterson who is honestly better known for his role as Francis in Malcolm in the Middle. Both him and his brother Danny Masterson (That 70s Show) DJ on the side and, to be honest, we'll be interested to see if his skills are any better than his brother's...who bombed in front of [Martin] and 30 others at a little known venue called Ay Chiwowa (RIP) in 2014.

Let's hope so... Also on the Studio Paris roster this month is our boy Lil Jon. When we tell people the guy throws down on the 1s and 2s we are usually met with weird looks, but don't sleep on this glorified hype man. He gets down and throws one hell of a party.

On the other side of River North, Martin's old stomping ground Underground Chicago is starting their famed Spring Style Series every Thursday this month. While there are plenty of designers/stylists/retail groups to spot light in this 5 week fashion series, we want to spotlight the menswear experts Jax & Debb (based out of Wicker Park | 1849 W North Ave). Led by the former all-star Akira Sales guru Jacki Debb, this team stays on the forefront of mens fashion and we find this show to be a must see!!

While we didn't highlight other great Chicago events (like Gareth Emery or Dijital at Prysm Nightclub), we will definitely try and be at all these events...should our livers be up to the challenge.

As always, all of our bottle service adventures are 21+. While we are accommodating bottle service inquiries only for this one as it is a birthday celebration for one of our beloved clients [Djeneba]...if you want to pop out, let us know how we can plug you! We are just one click/call away!

Until the next time...