This week, we wanted to share with you a unique concert experience happening right here in Chicago. On April 21st, we are behind-the-scenes consulting on a local Chicago concert at the Chicago Theatre that is a throwback of epic proportions: R&B Spring Fest with Monica, K-Ci & Jo-Jo, and Jagged Edge! While this is a little bit different than the Hip Hop events we like to focus on, we felt it was still relevant and viewed this as a concert opportunity we simply couldn’t pass up!

For our younger readers who are a bit lost, let’s take a history lesson. Starting with Jagged Edge, this group of R&B singers originally signed with Jermaine Dupri and So-So Def. Debuting in 1997, their first album “A Jagged Era” went gold and made the Top 40 pop charts. Their 2nd album “J.E. Heartbreak” sat atop the R&B charts and made the Top 10 pop charts. Their most recent album “The Baby Makin’ Project” debuted at number eight on the Billboards 200 charts in 2007.

Next up, are heavy weights and fan favorites: K-Ci & Jo-Jo. Known for their many contributions to everyone’s wedding playlist, this duo/brothers were once a part of the uber popular quartet Jodeci. For those of you unfamiliar or too young to remember, Jodeci released 3 platinum albums between the years 1991 – 1995. I’ll say that again: 3 PLATINUM ALBUMS. From there, the duo decided to go solo releasing their debut album in 1997. Riding all the momentum, the single All My Life on the album “Love Always” took the world by storm. Coming out at position number one on both the R&B charts as well as the pop charts, “Love Always” would go on to sell a whopping 4 million copies internationally.

Last but not least, we have R&B angel Monica who debuted in 1995 with…not one…but TWO PLATINUM top 10 singles: “Don’t Take it Personal” and “Before You Walk Out Of My Life.” Being someone who takes her time, Monica went dark for almost a decade waiting until 2003 to release her “After The Storm” album which sat on top the Billboard 200 charts for quite a while. In 2006, her album “Makings of Me” made the top 10 of those same charts and, in 2010, her album “Still Standing” made debuted at number one on the R&B charts and was her 4th consecutive Top 10 Billboard album. No matter how long she takes off – the girl does numbers.

While the musical talent of this concert may be a bit too old school for our 16 – 21 year old fans, we urge anyone and everyone to check it out. Growing up in a house of Jazz, Funk, R&B, Blues, and Disco; all of these singers are legends from my childhood and you better believe I will be belting out every word of All My Life.

Hope to see you there.

PS: Shout out to Derek & Jeremy Muhammad for the opportunity!!