Last week, Prysm Chicago, Shay Chicago, and Cuvee Chicago led the “best nightclubs in Chicago” pack by putting on some top notch and tasteful hip hop performances showing it’s not all about bottle service Chicago! While Studio Paris Chicago and The Underground Chicago were lit for sure, it’s tough to go toe-to-toe with Platinum, Billboard Top 100, and Grammy Nominated artists. Don’t get us wrong here, for some people, simply being in the most exclusive nightclubs is the main driver to which Chicago nightlife events they attend; but, for the rest of us, it’s about hearing the music we know and love/belting out lyrics with the homies.

With that in mind, it’s just great to see the hottest nightclubs finally get the picture. Truth be told, a big reason [Martin] left The Underground was because of that reason. [Martin] felt they were not keeping with the times and he didn’t want to get left behind. Now, we’re not saying Underground isn’t one of the most innovative and best night clubs in the country. What we’re saying is hip hop night clubs in Chicago are the future and he wanted to help be a part of that wave. Help set the tone for the years to come…

Anyways, looking forward, this weekend is going to be bananas as well with Spring Awakening Music Festival happening on the city’s south side. While it is all EDM (electronic dance music), the city – specifically, Prysm Chicago, The Mid Chicago, and Concord Music Hall – will be insane. Again while it is EDM and that’s not what we focus on at Bread N Butter, we can tell you first hand there are so many artists that will get you off your feet.

Our off-the-radar picks (other than all the big name DJs) are Action Jackson, the local homies Louis The Child & Light Em Up, Diplo, Griz & the insane Kill The Noise).

Unsure of what events are happening in Chicago tonight/this month? Be sure to check out last week’s post on June’s outlook!

As always, if you need the plug, let us know!