2Chainz goes from the Chicago Theatre to Cuvee Chicago!

2Chainz (aka Tity Boi) takes the city by storm this weekend. Saturday, he rocks the mic at the Chicago Theatre. Thereafter, he hits Cuvee Chicago! Of course, if you need help with bottle service, we've got you! However, with us being big fans, we want to take this moment to dive into the artist that is 2Chainz.

Most people are only familiar of 2Chainz as he currently exists. However, hip hop heads know: This guy is not new. Initially, he was one half of the duo Playaz Circle. Famous for the song "Duffle Bag Boy" which featured Lil Wayne. Signing a solo deal in 2012, he hit the feature button over and over again to get his name out there. In 2013 alone, he appeared on more than 50 different tracks. 3 albums later, 2Chainz's success is no fluke. Since then, he's won 3 BET Hip Hop Awards, been nominated for 3 Grammy Awards, and was even named Source Magazine's "Man of the Year!"

2Chainz hits Chicago: Should we go see? Depends on what you think of the album.

Personally, we feel 2Chainz's most recent album Pretty Girls Love Trap Music was his best work to date. It was fulfilling & had major substance. He raps with passion and gives you an insider look on his ATL story. Being reflective on his troubled past, 2Chainz still uplifts the fan with the positive parts of his current life. As Paul A. Thompson of PitchFork puts it:

"The Tity Boi from Pretty Girlsis a motivational speaker, a testament to grit and hustle and the power of self-belief, Tony Robbins if Tony Robbins was friends with Raekwon. This is the culmination of an eight-year second-wind. It’s also the most complete 2 Chainz album to date, and places him where he belongs: in the upper echelon of rappers from this era."

With a darker tone, 2Chainz put out an album that has major vibes, but it also gets litty. This is the same breakdown for Saturday night. We believe 2Chainz attempts to connect with fans at the Chicago Theatre while he gets trap heavy at Cuvee Chicago. After all, nightclub crowds just want to party. They aren't all that interested in "the come up" of Tity Boi.

Need help with Bottle Service at Cuvee Chicago? We've got you!

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